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Improve your language skills with WhatsApp chat lessons!

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Let me share with you a little language-learning secret.
If you have a smartphone, you can access a fun, easy language learning tool.

Linguages have recently introduced WhatsApp into our language toolbox, with great results!

We have found that 30-minute chat sessions are particularly popular and convenient, but we also offer group chats, and audio and video calls if you require.

What are the advantages of our WhatsApp chat sessions?

You can have free-flowing conversations on a range of topics in the language of your choice! You can discuss your interests, from movies to the latest technology news. This approach will allow you to practice casual conversation skills in your chosen language, which are important to master at any stage of your learning. In a few months you can achieve a level you will be proud of!

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Discuss more complicated topics!
Screenshot WhatsApp German chat beginners
Improve your spelling and grammar!
Screenshot WhatsApp Spanish chat game
Play fun language games!

Book your WhatsApp lessons now and chat away!

You don't have WhatsApp? Go and get it! It's free!